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For Superior Homes Realty managing broker and Realtor Ken Bruderle, beginning a career in real estate began solely because of his desire to learn more about the field. Although a finance and marketing major in college, Bruderle took a semester-long real estate licensing class in order to garner more information about real estate, never thinking that one day it would become his career.

"I did il simply because I wanted to

learn,'' Bruderle said. "Before long, I passed the licensing exams and found myself between classes on the (pay) phone working real estate transactions instead of hanging out with my friends on the student commons.

I was immediately applying what I was learn­

ing in class to my real estate business." Although ultimately earning a bachelor's

degree in finance and marketing as well, Bruderle says his background in both has become an unbelievable asset to his real estate career. In fact, most broker associates at Superior Homes Realty have the distinc­ tion of a lengthy background in real estate. Boasting an average of 15-plus years of experience in the field, the full-time profes­ sionals at Superior Homes Realty bring together their vast experience within real estate to create a company focused on meeting its clients' needs.

''My associate brokers and I are a melting pot ... we bring the best of all our expertise, having worked for both independents as well as several franchises over the years."

Ken enjoys selling real estate, and he couldnl be happier to work alongside his


wife, Donna, who is also a broker at the firm. "We can do anything as well as, and in many cases better than, the franchises," Bruderle said. "Where others attempt to dominate with speed and volume, we bring decades of measured, client-centric experi·

ence to the table."

Through practices such as offering a variety of negotiable compensation plans that are tailored to fit each seller's unique sit­ uation, Bruderle and Superior Homes Realty vow to offer a personal experience for each client.

"The consumer needs an educated advo­

cate, a trusted advisor and an expert to weigh lhe pros and cons when deciding what's right for them (evaluating whether to sell or not); I meet this need," Bruderle said.

Due to his creativity, reliability and cus­ tomer service, Bruderle has earned tremen­ dous accolades within his profession. As the company continues to grow and prosper, Bruderle remains committed to providing quality customer service.

"People first," Bruderle said. "We have a

commitment to never do less than what we promise. Sadly, just doing what we promise puts us at the top of the competition."

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